What we do

All that is really worth doing is what we do for others’

My work can be described simply as liberating facilitation – encouraging you to try out and experiment with alternative ways of thinking and being in order to generate safely a different way of doing.

My approach can be on a 1:1basis with Chief Executives, Directors, Service Managers or with groups from different levels from across an organisation.

My work is based on over 30 years successfully leading teams through hugely challenging times of change and covering all professional disciplines.  This enables me to connect with their hopes, fears, sense of overwhelming panic and skillfully challenge the status quo and co-create alternative perspectives unlocking creativity and innovation.

My expertise is in delivering:

  • Culture Change Consultancy
  • Key Note Speaking
  • Coaching
  • Mediation

Culture/Change Consultancy

Applying a fresh approach to allow you to connect with people on a human and everyday level by:

  • Re-aligning your HR function
  • Creating opportunities that will involve people meaningfully in decision making
  • Leading people creatively and experimenting with different ways of doing things
  • Redefining and simplifying the core HR policies that make the difference to business performance
  • Co-creating a workplace where people LOVE:
    • Who they work for
    • Who they work with
    • What they do
    • To give of the best everyday

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Key note speaking

I am regularly invited to deliver talks to large, medium and small groups at events,

on the following subjects:

Organisational Change and culture



mediation and alternative approaches to workplace conflict

Diversity and Inclusion

On one level, I draw upon my successful career in leading complex organisations through times of unprecedented change and shares my beliefs and insights about how this can be best achieved with success, optimism and humanity. On a slightly different angle, I am an advocate of celebrating diversity in the workplace and share my own story about growing up as a gay, champion ballroom dancer in the north east in the 1970’s and the battles that I have overcome and those that are still to be addressed to really allow people to bring their true self to the workplace and sparkle with pride – and be loved for it!

An alternative approach in today’s frantic world, I love to share my passion, enthusiasm and mindful approach about my love for people.

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My coaching practice is heavily influenced by my mindfulness practice and working creatively with ‘what we have’ rather than ‘what we haven’t’. I have achieved great success in coaching individuals and teams and have a passion for working with leaders of tomorrow to encourage them to retain their uniqueness, individuality and courage for experimenting with difference.

I founded and run the national Public Sector People Management Association Apprentice of the Year and HR Rising Star Programme and to date has supported over 150 future leaders.

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I am a successful mediator, accredited by both the Open University and CEDR and have been mediating for over 10 years.  I have created a number of in-house mediation programmes and regularly speak on the power of mediation in addressing work place conflict.

My expertise is in employment dispute both for individuals and teams.

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