The Mindful Experience

Put straight forwardly, mindfulness means noticing new things.  When you pause and take a moment to think about this statement, it is probably something that in today’s frantic world we do very little of and for most, it probably never really features as part of a day to day routine.

Noticing things means that we are in the present – alert and sensitive to the change and uncertainty that prevails us all.

Bringing a mindful approach to business starts from the premise that if people working in a business is alert/ awake they do not need to be directed – people, when treated as adults in the workplace will see what is needed and experience shows that a more productive and happier workforce results.

When we approach situations from a mindful starting point, it is then possible to maximise opportunities that exist, and avert the pitfalls that don’t yet exist. This is true for leaders and their people alike.

A mindful approach seeks to develop curiosity, creativity and experimenting with different ways of doing things.  It encourages leaders to publically admit they don’t have all of the answers, actively seeks contributions from all parts of the organisation to help problem solve and create new and better ways of doing things.  It discourages the development of lemmings and promotes diversity, individuality and genuine collaboration.

In this rapidly changing world of uncertainty and ambiguity, mindfulness will help in exploiting new opportunities for the benefit of everyone.

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